Pavilion OpenCart Theme 1.0 released

Pavilion OpenCart Theme 1.0 released />


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Hi folks!

It’s been a while since we released new theme, but we think it was worth the wait. After more than a year of hard work, we are pleased to present Pavilion – our new premium OpenCart theme.

Pavilion is not just a theme – it’s a stable foundation on which you can build an unique store according to your personal vision. Believe us, this is a game changer, not a marketing trick. Here is why:

- Pavilion introduces a truly unique feature among the existing OpenCart themes – drag & drop page builder. It brings the concept of WordPress widgets and visual composer to OpenCart. Just watch the demo. You can turn every OpenCart module into a block, which can be dragged to a layout position – this is also 3th party modules compatible. You also have more than 20 custom blocks at your disposal.

- Pavilion offers detailed control over the site’s appearance through the styles editor. We have thought out very carefully about how to achieve balance between ease of use and the ability to fine tune every small detail. As a result, we developed intuitive inheritance scheme which allow to apply visual changes quickly all over the site, retaining the possibility to cover specific cases when needed

- Pavilion is optimized in terms of performance. We have included many out of the box optimizations as well as additional vqmods, which make your store rapid. Our experience with Shoppica helped us to deliver really swift theme that is built from the ground up with performance in mind

- Pavilion behaves well on different devices. We know that every competitive theme on the market is responsive, but Pavilion covers so many edge cases, we weren’t able to find anywhere. We have invested a lot of time to test and strengthen the code to handle many situations that could arise when combining visual options. The theme aligns its grid and product listing very adequate in order to offer the best experience for the site’s visitors

- Pavilion has 5 unique skins (more coming soon) that are build with the help of the admin panel only. You can judge of its power by this fact. In honor of all Shoppica users, we have prepared a skin, which looks 99% like Shoppica – just with some thousand settings more :)

- Pavilion has extensive documentation which is frequently updated. It will help you to get most of the theme’s functionality

- Pavilion is developed to bring maximum compatibility with third party modules, e.g. we’ve kept forms, checkout, product options and ajax calls (these are primary hook points for modules) with minimum changes. All the problems we’ve had with Shoppica compatibility are taken in mind. We also planned more time to help our customers to convert extensions that have problems.

- This release is just the beginning. Having a stable ground, we have plans to deliver many great new features with the future updates. We’ll publish soon a roadmap.

We can’t list all of the theme features in a single post without falling into ‘TL;DR’ category, so we leave you to explore Pavilion by yourself. You can also check the admin with user: demo, password: demo

You can purchase Pavilion from themeforest only. It’s not sold anywhere else.

Please, do not post support questions in this thread. Use the appropriate forum instead.